Hoosier State Chapter Leadership – 2020

Executive Officers 
President Erick Landeen, MAI
Vice President Charles J. McCarty, MAI
Secretary/Treasurer Luke Nordine, MAI
Immediate Past President (ex-officio) Ashley Johnson, MAI
Executive Director (non-voting) Shannon O’Keefe



Board of Directors 
Director at Large (Serving 2018-2020) Lisa M. Meinczinger, SRA, AI-RRS
Director at Large (Serving 2018-2020) James A. Sitzman, SRA, AI-RRS
Director at Large (Serving 2019-2021) Kristi Lundquist, SRA, AI-RRS
Director at Large (Serving 2019-2021) Daniel D. Tudor, MAI
Director at Large (Serving 2020-2022) Jon Scheidt, SRA
Director at Large (Serving 2020-2022) Jason Tillema, SRA, AI-RRS


Branch Chapters 
Indy Branch Chapter Chair Greg Witkowski
Indy Branch Chapter Vice Chair Chad Roots, MAI
Evansville Branch Chapter Chair Sam Reid, SRA
Evansville Branch Chapter Vice Chair To be appointed
Michiana Branch Chapter Chair John Rue, SRA, AI-RRS
Michiana Branch Chapter Vice Chair Brendon Stacey



Region V Representatives 
President (Ex Officio) Erick P. Landeen, MAI
Vice President (Ex Officio) Charlie McCarty, MAI
Representative (Serving 2019-2020) James A. Sitzman, SRA, AI-RRS
Representative (Serving 2020-2021) Ashley Johnson, MAI
1st Alternative (Serving 2020)         Joanilla Barker
2nd Alternative (Serving 2020) Kristi Lundquist, SRA
3rd Alternative (Serving 20120 Samuel Reid, SRA
4th Alternative (Serving 2020) Lisa Meinczinger, SRA, AI-RRS
5th Alternative (Serving 2020) Brian Woods



Education Committee 
Chair (Serving 2019-2020) Ken Fleetwood, SRA
Vice Chair (Serving 2019-2020) Ben Hopkins, MAI
Member (Serving 2020-2022) Ashley Johnson, MAI
Member (Serving 2020-2022) Cynthia Gianneschi, AI-GRS
Member (Serving 2019-2021) Bill Penwell, SRA
Member (Serving 2019-2021) Lisa Meinczinger, SRA, AI-RRS
Member (Ex Officio) Erick P. Landeen, MAI


Finance Committee
Chair (Ex Officio) Luke Nordine, MAI
Member (Ex Officio as Immediate Past President) Ashley Johnson, MAI
Member (Ex Officio as Chapter VP) Charlie McCarty, MAI
Member (Serving 2020-2022) Janice Evans, SRA, AI-RRS
Member (Serving 2018-2020) Sam Reid, SRA
Member (Serving 2019-2021) John Good, MAI, AI-GRS
Member (Ex Officio) Erick P. Landeen, MAI



Candidate Guidance Committee 
Chair (Serving 2019) Kristi Lundquist, SRA, AI-RRS
Vice Chair (Serving 2019) Frank Robinson, SRA, AI-RRS
Member (Serving 2020-2022) To be appointed
Member (Serving 2019-2021) J. Matthew Stephenson, MAI
Member (Serving 2019-2021) Wayne Baer, MAI
Member (Ex Officio) Erick P. Landeen, MAI




Government Relations Committee 
Chair (Serving 2019) Nick Tillema, MAI
Vice Chair (Serving 2019) Kevin Hartman, MAI
Member (Serving 2020-2022) Joe Traynor
Member (Serving 2019-2021) Randy Scheidt, MAI
Member (Serving 2019-2021) Shelley Smaltz, MAI
Member (Ex Officio) Erick P. Landeen, MAI




Bylaws Committee 
Chair (Serving 2020) Steve Shockley, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, AI-RRS
Vice Chair (Serving 2020) Kevin Hartman, MAI
Member To be Appointed
Member (Ex Officio) Erick P. Landeen, MAI



Personnel Committee 
Chair (Ex Officio) Ashley Johnson, MAI
Member (Appointed at first BOD meeting, per Bylaws)
Member (Ex Officio) Erick Landeen, MAI
Member (Ex Officio) Charlie McCarty, MAI



2017 Installation Banquet